At AP Drain Inspections our Pipeline CCTV inspections include emergency breakdown responses or customized condition assessment programs. CCTV Inspections provide an accurate structural and servicability assessment of defects, the location of the defect and the repair requirement.

Accredited operators using specialised tractor mounted and push rod camera systems will determine the internal condition of conduits, pipelines and drains.

Through continual investment in advanced technology, our equipment is capable of accessing pipeline sizes from 50mm-1500mm, up to 300mm in length. All camera systems are in full colour picture with the capabilities to zoom, pan, tilt and rotate 360°, survey information includes distance counters recording the length of the survey, grade of the pipe and include radio frequency to accurately locate the problem within the pipe or conduit.

All surveys are completed in accordance with the Water Services Association of Australian (WSAA) Conduit Inspection Reporting Code of Australia & IPWEA Practice Note 5: Stormwater Drainage grading instruments. Specialised detailed reports can include: > WINCAM 08. >MPEG. >Photos. >GIS/Shape File mapping systems. >PDF Maps.