AP Drain Inspections  fleet of Hi Velocity Drain cleaning units include Combination Water Jet/Vacuum trucks and smaller Water Jet Units, capable of clearing blockages within storm water and sewage pipe lines from 50mm through to 1500mm in diameter. Accessing underground car parks, tight spaces and open areas easily. Specialised water jet attachments, nozzles & cutters combined with experienced operators ensure all debris are easily removed from pipes.

The vacuum units have a 10m3 capacity interceptor and the system delivers 27 inches of mercury suction at less than 80DBA noise level. It is capable of delivering a range of airflows and suction levels depending on the material to be removed and size of hose selected. The protection of the environment is a major concern to APDI, the High Velocity Unit's utilise the latest advanced environmental approach to vacuum loading.

Equipment Resources

  • Low & High Pressure water jets
  • Combination jet/ vacuum units ( up to 2500psi & 8 m3 debris tank)
  • Advanced Jetting heads include: cleaning nozzles, root cutters, Warthog, Descaling Heads, Manhole cleaners, Concrete Cutters.

This Equipment is ideal for:

  • Stormwater & Sewage pipes 50mm to 1500mm
  • Industrial, Commercial and Domestic use
  • Clearing of all blockages
  • Removal of silt, rubbish, tree roots, concrete, large obstacles
  • Spill clean ups - Oils, fuels, grease and fats